We are glad to acknowledge a scholarship to carry on the work and science spirit of Arai-Sensei for the community of Vietnam. The scholarship is named after him, i.e. Ken-Ichi Arai Scholarship, which will support students in medical research to help achieving their goals in innovation and translation of research for the health care of Vietnam.

We ask Prof. Hisao Masai, Director of TMIMS, Japan and Dr. Bao Bui, Head of Immunotherapy Lab of UMP to manage the funds for this scholarship.

In this conference, we have received fundings for organizing the TransMed-VN Conference and the scholarship from: 

  • A-IMBN via Prof. Jeong Yim, President, SIMS ($10,000.00 USD)
  • Tessa Therapeutics via Prof. John Connolly, A*Star ($10,000.00 USD)
  • Tan Tao Univ., Medical School HCM City via Prof. Thach Nguyen ($3,000.00 USD)
  • BCE company via Ms. Tam Nguyen ($3,000.00 USD)
  • ITS company $1,500.00 USD)
  • Y dược tinh hoa Tạ Văn Sang ($500 USD)
  • Life Sciences ($550 USD)
  • Vitech Company ($600 USD)
  • Prof. Hisao Masai – TMIMS ($500 USD)
  • Dr. Thai Nguyen – UMP ($500 USD) 

From the above, we anticipate to sponsor 5 students for their tuitions, research work for MS, PhD theses at UMP for 1 year.

We will continue to promote the Ken-Ichi Arai Scholarship among the communities of Vietnam and international to establish it a model of new generation of scientists dedicated to advancement and public services that Prof. Ken-Ichi Arai was a model. We appreciate your support to help us achieve its goals.