Dear Distinguished Professors, Colleagues:

The fourth TransMed-VN is the forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of modern biomedical research.

The conference will bring together leading research scientists, educators and policy makers in the domain of interest of Vietnam and around the world.

We are currently accepting oral and poster abstract submissions for the conference. Topics of interest for submission include the multidisciplines of translational medicine on:

  • Novel immunotherapy research including CAR-T and other immune cell therapies of DC, NK, Dendritic Cells (DCs), Lymphokine Activated killer cell (LAK), Natural killer Cells (NK cells), Regulatory T (Treg) cell, Cell-free therapies such as immunomodulators.
  • Stem cell transplantation; developing stem cell research for iPS, MSC, exosomes for regenerative medicine.
  • Genomic editing CRISPR for future medicine.
  • Bioinformatics for novel applications of NGS, liquid biopsies, single cell etc. for diagnosis/prognosis of cancers and chronic diseases.
  •  Big Data Medicine, TeleHealth to enhance the TransMed-VN goals of promotion of precision medical research and IT applications for health care.

End Date for Abstract Submissions & Poster Submissions

July 15, 2019

End Date of Notification Letters for Abstract & Poster Acceptance

July 20, 2019

End Date for Online Registration

July 30, 2019

End Date for Cancellation of Registration

August 1, 2019

End Date for Full Text Submission

August 5, 2019