Providing scientific, social, cultural, economic, legislative assistance for the development of the TransMed-VN 5th Conference

Madame Trung Chien T. Tran

Former Minister of Health (MOH), Vietnam

Prof. Jeongbin Yim

President, A-IMBN 

Prof. Hisao Masai

Director,TMIMS, Tokyo

Prof. Atsushi Miyajima

President, HMPSC, Tokyo Japan

Madame Ninh T. Ton Nu

President, World Peace Foundation, Vietnam

Prof. Kiet D. Truong

President, Medical Genetic Institute, HCM City

Prof. Michael Karin 

Professor of Pharmacology and Pathology, UCSD, School of Medicine

Dr. Maoyen Chi 

Director, Cold Spring Harbor Asia

Dr.Quang Ngo Nguyen 

Deputy, Science Technology, MOH, Vietnam

Prof. Tsuneo Takahashi

President, LIFE Bank Japan

Prof. Alexander Rumyantsev

Head, Haemato-Oncology Institute, Moscow

Madame Nhan Xuan Nguyen, BPharm 

CEO, Founder AMPHARCO Comp.

Prof. Liem Thanh Nguyen

President, VinMec Medical Center, Hanoi

Dr. Allen Waitz 

Ex-Chairman, DNAX Biotech, California 

Prof. Chan Hung Nguyen

Former Director, Oncology Hosp. HCM City

Prof. Manfred E. Wolff

President, IntelliPharm, CA. USA

Lect. Ngoc Kim Phan

Ex Director, StemCell Lab, HCM City

Dr. Dao Xuan Pham

Deputy, Science Technology, MOST, HCM City

Dr. Quoc H. Le

Former President, SHTP

Dr. Linh Nguyen

Founder & CEO, MD24

Prof. Dean Van Thanh Ta

University of Medicine, Hanoi

Prof. Alush Gashi

Former Dean, Pristina Medical University, Kosova

Prof. Khoa M. Trong

Former Head, Radiation Oncology, Bach Mai Hospital

Prof. Phuc Van Pham

President, Stem Cell Institute, HCM City

Dr. Bich Ngoc Bui


Dr. Viet Q. Phan

Director Tam Viet Center

Dr. Xuan Truong Do

Director Cosmetic Clinic Xuan Truong, HCM City

Dr. William H. Nguyen 

Head &Founder, Beowulf Blockchain

Dr. Thai Nguyen


Dr. Quynh Tram

Journalist & MC, Vietnam Television (VTV)