Dear Distinguished Professors and Colleagues

On behalf of the organizers, we would like to convey to you our cordial invitation to participate in the 4th Translational Medicine Viêt Nam (TransMed-VN) conference, which will be held at BACH MAI HOSPITAL, Hanoi on the 19th & 20th, August, 2019. The theme for this year conference is: “TECHNOLOGY & CLINICAL RESEARCH INNOVATIONS: TOWARD PRECISION MEDICINE”.

The organizers will be highly honored to welcome your participations and contributions on your research topics of the conference theme; they are pivotal to help making achievements and rewards for the medical community of Vietnam as well as delegates from abroad.

As a background, following progresses made from the three annual conferences of TransMed-VN 2016-18, it is truly a privilege that the 4th TransMed-VN conference is organized in the capitol of Hanoi by Bach Mai Hospital, the most traditional and established medical center of Vietnam. The co-organizers include international organizations – A* Star, Singapore, The International Molecular Biology Network (A-IMBN), together with Vietnam organizations including Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi, UMP and Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) of HCM City. Besides luminary scientists of these organizations, the organizers are particularly honored by participation in the Advisory Committee of the Former Minister of Health (MOH) of Vietnam, Madame Tran, Thi Trung Chien. This team effort will facilitate the multidisciplines of translational medicine on the novel immunotherapy research including CAR-T and other immune cell therapies of DC, NK etc.; developing stem cell research for iPS, MSC, exosomes for regenerative medicine; genomic editing CRISPR for future medicine; bioinformatics for novel applications of NGS, liquid biopsies, single cell etc. for diagnosis/prognosis of cancers and chronic diseases. As a new addition, the 4th TransMed-VN conference will include AI, Big Data Medicine, TeleHealth to enhance the TransMed-VN goals of promotion of precision medical research and IT applications for health care. As a principle, the conference continues focusing on promoting capacity building, international collaboration with Vietnam and young scientist career developments. Please see conference program for details.

As cancer emerges as an epidemic with highest mortality in the country, TransMed-VN continues dedicating for promotion of innovation of cancer treatments. In this regard, we are very grateful to Prof. John Connolly for his continuing support for our efforts developing CAR-T in Vietnam. Together with the conference president Prof. Nguyen Q. Anh, Prof. Connolly is also the Honorable Chair of the 4th TransMed-VN Conference. We deeply appreciate the generous support and collaboration of Prof. Jeongbin Yim, A-IMBN delegates for the development of TransMed-VN since its beginning. We are ever indebted to our past leader Prof. Ken-Ichi Arai for his unconditional support for TransMed-VN and associates; TransMed-VN humbly takes the pride of being a part of Prof. Arai’s legacy.

For company exhibitions, the TransMed-VN conference continues to provide attractive media for your companies with impactful outcomes to the medical and research community of Vietnam at large. We highly appreciate your sponsorship and support for TransMed-VN 2019 and we assure to deliver your products and programs throughout the conference events. Please contact us via the sponsorship program.

The participants and audiences can look forward to impactful outcomes from presenting their studies as well as engaging in networking and future planning within the cutting edge translational research arena as well as contributing towards applications for Vietnam and worldwide. Your lectures will be published online in the Journal of Clinical Medicine of Bach Mai Hospital to share the important event in Vietnam and international.

Thank you heartily for your kind attention and support. We are enthusiastically looking forward to welcome your participations as lecturers, guests, exhibitors and partners of TransMed-VN at BACH MAI Hospital, Hanoi.

With best personal regards,

The 4th TransMed-VN Conference
Aug. 19 – 20th, 2019
Bach Mai Hospital,
78 Giải Phóng Street, Phương Đình Ward, Đống Đa District , Hà Nội