Dear Distinguished Professors and Colleagues

We are pleased to inform you that after delays due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would now like to convey to you our cordial invitation to participate in the 5th TransMed-VN conference, which will be held at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Hue UMP), on the 18 – 19th, December 2020. We are privileged to organize this special event at Hue, the ancient and respectful capitol of Vietnam.

In the recent time, the scientific community worldwide has urgently responded to the thread of the COVID-19 pandemic, producing huge outcomes via their dynamics of the bio medical science research. Within Vietnam, the country has made unprecedented success  in controlling the pandemic. In this year meeting, the organizers desire to reflect on the events, on-going research and discovery of the pandemic, as such, the conference theme is: BIOMEDICAL INNOVATIONS TOWARD PREVENTIONS AND TREATMENTS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC & THE STORIES OF THE PANDEMIC CONTROL VIETNAM”.

In coping with the restriction by the pandemic, the organization of the conference will have 2 parts including onsite at Hue UMP and online via IT. We anticipate that the onsite program will be for local lecturers and participation within Vietnam, the online program will be for international speakers. Researchers and medical practitioners of Vietnam will present their research and strategic plans leading to highly success against the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference could be viewed worldwide via Beowulf Telecommunication platform broadcasting from HCM City

The organizers will be highly privileged to welcome your contributions on your research relating to the COVID-19 research and applications. They are pivotal to help making needed progresses for the medical community of Vietnam as well as the international community coping with the pandemic expansion.

In supporting the conference organization, we are privileged to acknowledge that Hue UMP will host the conference events and co-organize with the Institute of Cell Molecular Biology (ICMB) of A* Star, Singapore. Together with the conference president Prof. Nguyen, Vu Quoc Huy, Prof. John Connolly are the Honorable Chairs of the 5th TransMed-VN Conference. We deeply appreciate the generous support and collaboration of Prof. Jeongbin Yim, A-IMBN delegates for the development of TransMed-VN since its beginning. We are ever indebted to our past leader Prof. Ken-Ichi Arai for his unconditional support for TransMed-VN and associates; TransMed-VN humbly takes the pride of being a part of Prof. Arai’s legacy in Vietnam. The third contest for Ken-Ichi Arai scholarship will be presented.

The organizers are highly honored by the support of the Former Minister of Health (MOH), Madame Tran, Thi Trung Chien and Madame Ton Nu Thi Ninh, the champion of education advancement and social equality in Vietnam. In addition, we will have the new partnership of Beowulf Blockchain, a leading organization in computer science technologies in the US and Vietnam by Dr. William H. Nguyen, Stanford University. We highly honor the important support of the advisor committee, together with the past co-organizers including Bach Mai Hospital, The International Molecular Biology Network (A-IMBN), Soonchunhyang Institute of Medi-Bio Science (SIMS), Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) and UMP of HCM City will help to form strong alliance in Vietnam and international community.

We would be highly privileged to welcome your contributions on the topics of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenic mechanisms, vaccine research developments, innovative diagnostics for pandemic management, drug discoveries for treatments, telemedicine and public health prevention. Please forward to us via emails your abstracts and CV using the attached documents before December 1st.             For company exhibitions, the TransMed-VN conference continues to provide attractive media for your companies with impactful outcomes to the medical and research community of Vietnam at large. The conference organizers decided to use company sponsorships for relief program for the students and families suffered from the recent hurricanes and flooding in the central of Vietnam. Please use the company sponsorship form attached, or contact us directly for any further information

Thank you heartily for your kind attention and support regarding this challenging time of the pandemic. We are honored and enthusiastically looking forward to welcome your participations as lecturers, advisors, sponsors, exhibitors and guests of TransMed-VN & Hue UMP 2020 .

With very best regards,
Dean, Hue UMP


The 5th TransMed-VN Conference
Dec. 18 – 20th, 2019
Trường Đại học Y Dược, Đại học Huế, 06 Ngô Quyền, Phường Vĩnh Ninh, TP. Huế